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Removing hard imported share folder and submoduling it

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Subproject commit 95f2404e5afe5cb754a21b566e4dc45aa1c12629
- check
- publish
- mkdir -p ~/.ssh
- eval $(ssh-agent -s)
- '[[ -f /.dockerenv ]] && echo -e "Host *\n\tStrictHostKeyChecking no\n\n" > ~/.ssh/config'
stage: check
- bin/bibtex-check bib/lrde.bib
- bib/lrde.bib
stage: check
- bin/bibtex-check bib/csi.bib
- 'bibtool "-- select{year \"$(date +%Y)\"}" bib/csi.bib | sed -rn "/@TechReport/ s/.*\\s([a-z]+.[0-9]+.seminar),/\\1/ p" | xargs -n1 bin/abstract --pdf'
- bib/csi.bib
- ./*.seminar.pdf
stage: publish
- ssh-add <(echo "$DOTFILES_SSH_PRIVATE_KEY")
- git clone ssh://
- dotfiles/bin/ bib/lrde.bib
- dotfiles/bin/ bib/csi.bib
stage: publish
- make lrde.tex
- make lrde.pdf
- lrde.pdf
share_dir = .
include make/
include make/
host = www
# Put on the Internet.
dloaddir = /lrde/dload/papers
dload_DATA = lrde.pdf bib/lrde.bib
# Kept private to the LRDE.
papersdir = /lrde/doc/lrde/papers
papers_DATA = lrde.pdf lrde-private.pdf README-lrde-bib.txt
CLEANFILES = lrde.tex lrde.pdf lrde-private.tex lrde-private.pdf \
contents.html contents.txt list.bib \
list.pdf diffs.patch contents.bib contents_bib.html
all: check lrde.pdf
## ------- ##
## Check. ##
## ------- ##
# Our own *.bib that should obey our rules.
BIBS = \
lrde.bib csi.bib olena.bib tiger.bib \
gp.bib lang.bib mc.bib parallel.bib rr.bib sip.bib
# We don't use the dependencies here so that all the checks are run.
$(share_bin_dir)/bibtex-check all
$(share_bin_dir)/bibtex-check perms
$(share_bin_dir)/bibtex-check csi
## Normalization.
bibneat = $(share_bin_dir)/bibneat
.PHONY: neat
for b in $(BIBS); do \
$(bibneat) $(share_bib_dir)/$$b; \
done; \
for b in $(BIBS); do \
$(share_bin_dir)/bibtex-check $(share_bib_dir)/$$b; \
## ------------------------------- ##
## lrde.pdf and lrde-private.pdf. ##
## ------------------------------- ##
%.txt: $(share_bib_dir)/%.bib
rm -f $@.tmp
$(QUIET)bibtex2html -q $<
$(QUIET)html2text -nobs $*.html | \
sed -e 's/.*\[ bib .*//;/^==*$$/{s/.*//;q;}' >$@.tmp
chmod a-w $@.tmp
mv -f $@.tmp $@
# Create a LaTeX document to force the BibTeX check on lrde.bib.
make_bib = $(share_bin_dir)/
%.tex: $(share_bib_dir)/%.bib
perl $(make_bib) $(share_bib_dir)/$*.bib >$*.tmp
chmod a-w $*.tmp
mv -f $*.tmp $*.tex
lrde.tex: $(make_bib)
%-private.tex: $(share_bib_dir)/%.bib
$(make_bib) --with-submitted $(share_bib_dir)/$*.bib >$*-private.tmp
chmod a-w $*-private.tmp
mv -f $*-private.tmp $*-private.tex
lrde-private.tex: $(make_bib)
view: lrde.pdf
xpdf lrde.pdf
## --------- ##
## install. ##
## --------- ##
install: $(dload_DATA) $(papers_DATA)
for f in $(dload_DATA); \
do \
chmod 664 $$f; \
case $(dloaddir) in \
(*:*) \
ssh doc@$(host) rm -f $(dloaddir)/$$f; \
scp $$f doc@$(host):$(dloaddir) \
;; \
(*) \
rm -f $(dloaddir)/$$f; \
cp $$f $(dloaddir) \
;; \
esac \
for f in $(papers_DATA); \
do \
chmod 664 $$f; \
case $(papersdir) in \
(*:*) \
ssh doc@$(host) rm -f $(papersdir)/$$f; \
scp $$f doc@$(host):$(papersdir) \
;; \
(*) \
rm -f $(papersdir)/$$f; \
cp $$f $(papersdir) \
;; \
esac \
## ----------------------- ##
## Updating from masters. ##
## ----------------------- ##
.PHONY: update update-bib update-styles
update: update-bib
# Sources.
update: update-styles
wget $(GASTEX_STYLES)/gastex.sty -O styles/gastex.sty
wget $(GASTEX_STYLES)/ -O styles/
tar zxvf vaucanson-g.tgz
rm vaucanson-g/
mv vaucanson-g/* styles/
rm -rf vaucanson-g vaucanson-g.tgz
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/abbrv-fr.bst -O styles/abbrv-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/abbrvnat-fr.bst -O styles/abbrvnat-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/alpha-fr.bst -O styles/alpha-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/apalike-fr.bst -O styles/apalike-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/ieeetr-fr.bst -O styles/ieeetr-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/plain-fr.bst -O styles/plain-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/plainnat-fr.bst -O styles/plainnat-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/siam-fr.bst -O styles/siam-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/unsrt-fr.bst -O styles/unsrt-fr.bst
wget $(FR_BIB_STYLES)/unsrtnat-fr.bst -O styles/unsrtnat-fr.bst
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
* make/ rev.tex
Maybe using svninfo.sty would be a better option.
* bib: URLs
Automate the conversion from various fields for URLs to ony "note".
Check that the URLs are alive.
V1.12 (2007/01/11)
Copyright (c) 2002-2007 by Michael Shell
for current contact information.
BibTeX bibliography string definitions of the ABBREVIATED titles of
IEEE journals and magazines and online publications.
This file is designed for bibliography styles that require
abbreviated titles and is not for use in bibliographies that
require full-length titles.
Support sites:
Special thanks to Laura Hyslop and ken Rawson of IEEE for their help
in obtaining the information needed to compile this file. Also,
Volker Kuhlmann and Moritz Borgmann kindly provided some corrections
and additions.
Legal Notice:
This code is offered as-is without any warranty either expressed or
implied; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
User assumes all risk.
In no event shall IEEE or any contributor to this code be liable for
any damages or losses, including, but not limited to, incidental,
consequential, or any other damages, resulting from the use or misuse
of any information contained here.
All comments are the opinions of their respective authors and are not
necessarily endorsed by the IEEE.
This work is distributed under the LaTeX Project Public License (LPPL)
( ) version 1.3, and may be freely used,
distributed and modified. A copy of the LPPL, version 1.3, is included
in the base LaTeX documentation of all distributions of LaTeX released
2003/12/01 or later.
Retain all contribution notices and credits.
** Modified files should be clearly indicated as such, including **
** renaming them and changing author support contact information. **
File list of work: IEEEabrv.bib, IEEEfull.bib, IEEEexample.bib,
IEEEtran.bst, IEEEtranS.bst, IEEEtranSA.bst,
IEEEtranN.bst, IEEEtranSN.bst, IEEEtran_bst_HOWTO.pdf
where the IEEE titles in the .bib database entries use the strings
defined here. e.g.,
journal = IEEE_J_AC,
to yield "{IEEE} Trans. Automat. Contr."
IEEE uses abbreviated journal titles in their bibliographies -
this file is suitable for work that is to be submitted to the IEEE.
For work that requires full-length titles, you should use the full
titles provided in the companion file, IEEEfull.bib.
** NOTES **
1. Journals have been grouped according to subject in order to make it
easier to locate and extract the definitions for related journals -
as most works use references that are confined to a single topic.
Magazines are listed in straight alphabetical order.
2. String names are closely based on IEEE's own internal acronyms.
3. Abbreviations follow IEEE's style.
4. Older, out-of-print IEEE titles are included (but not including titles
dating prior to IEEE's formation from the IRE and AIEE in 1963).
5. The following NEW/current journal definitions have been disabled because
their abbreviations have not yet been verified:
STRING{IEEE_J_CBB = "{IEEE/ACM} Trans. Comput. Biology Bioinformatics"}
STRING{IEEE_J_CJECE = "Canadian J. Elect. Comput. Eng."}
STRING{IEEE_J_DSC = "{IEEE} Trans. Dependable Secure Comput."}
STRING{IEEE_O_DSO = "{IEEE} Distrib. Syst. Online"}
6. The following OLD journal definitions have been disabled because
their abbreviations have not yet been found/verified:
STRING{IEEE_J_BCTV = "{IEEE} Trans. Broadcast Television Receivers"}
STRING{IEEE_J_EWS = "{IEEE} Trans. Eng. Writing Speech"}
If you know what the proper abbreviation is for a string in #5 or #6 above,
email me and I will correct them in the next release.
IEEE Journals
aerospace and military
@STRING{IEEE_J_AES = "{IEEE} Trans. Aerosp. Electron. Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_ANE = "{IEEE} Trans. Aerosp. Navig. Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_ANNE = "{IEEE} Trans. Aeronaut. Navig. Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AS = "{IEEE} Trans. Aerosp."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AIRE = "{IEEE} Trans. Airborne Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MIL = "{IEEE} Trans. Mil. Electron."}
autos, transportation and vehicles (non-aerospace)
@STRING{IEEE_J_ITS = "{IEEE} Trans. Intell. Transp. Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_VT = "{IEEE} Trans. Veh. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_VC = "{IEEE} Trans. Veh. Commun."}
circuits, signals, systems, audio and controls
@STRING{IEEE_J_SPL = "{IEEE} Signal Process. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_ASSP = "{IEEE} Trans. Acoust., Speech, Signal Process."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AU = "{IEEE} Trans. Audio"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AUEA = "{IEEE} Trans. Audio Electroacoust."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AC = "{IEEE} Trans. Autom. Control"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CAS = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CASVT = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CASI = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst. {I}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CASII = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst. {II}"}
in 2004 CASI and CASII renamed part title to CASI_RP and CASII_EB, respectively.
@STRING{IEEE_J_CASI_RP = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst. {I}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CASII_EB = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuits Syst. {II}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CT = "{IEEE} Trans. Circuit Theory"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CST = "{IEEE} Trans. Control Syst. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SP = "{IEEE} Trans. Signal Process."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SU = "{IEEE} Trans. Sonics Ultrason."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SAP = "{IEEE} Trans. Speech Audio Process."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_UE = "{IEEE} Trans. Ultrason. Eng."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_UFFC = "{IEEE} Trans. Ultrason., Ferroelectr., Freq. Control"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_COML = "{IEEE} Commun. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_JSAC = "{IEEE} J. Sel. Areas Commun."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_COM = "{IEEE} Trans. Commun."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_COMT = "{IEEE} Trans. Commun. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_WCOM = "{IEEE} Trans. Wireless Commun."}
components, packaging and manufacturing
@STRING{IEEE_J_ADVP = "{IEEE} Trans. Adv. Packag."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CHMT = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon., Hybrids, Manuf. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CPMTA = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon., Packag., Manuf. Technol. {A}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CPMTB = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon., Packag., Manuf. Technol. {B}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CPMTC = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon., Packag., Manuf. Technol. {C}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CAPT = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon. Packag. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CAPTS = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon. Packag. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CPART = "{IEEE} Trans. Compon. Parts"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_EPM = "{IEEE} Trans. Electron. Packag. Manuf."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MFT = "{IEEE} Trans. Manuf. Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PHP = "{IEEE} Trans. Parts, Hybrids, Packag."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PMP = "{IEEE} Trans. Parts, Mater., Packag."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_TCAD = "{IEEE} J. Technol. Comput. Aided Design"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CAD = "{IEEE} Trans. Comput.-Aided Design Integr. Circuits Syst."}
coding, data, information, knowledge
@STRING{IEEE_J_IT = "{IEEE} Trans. Inf. Theory"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_KDE = "{IEEE} Trans. Knowl. Data Eng."}
computers, computation, networking and software
@STRING{IEEE_J_C = "{IEEE} Trans. Comput."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CAL = "{IEEE} Comput. Archit. Lett."}
disabled till definition is verified
STRING{IEEE_J_DSC = "{IEEE} Trans. Dependable Secure Comput."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_ECOMP = "{IEEE} Trans. Electron. Comput."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_EVC = "{IEEE} Trans. Evol. Comput."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_FUZZ = "{IEEE} Trans. Fuzzy Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_IFS = "{IEEE} Trans. Inf. Forensics Security"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MC = "{IEEE} Trans. Mobile Comput."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_NET = "{IEEE/ACM} Trans. Netw."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_NN = "{IEEE} Trans. Neural Netw."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PDS = "{IEEE} Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SE = "{IEEE} Trans. Softw. Eng."}
computer graphics, imaging, and multimedia
@STRING{IEEE_J_JDT = "{IEEE/OSA} J. Display Technol."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_IP = "{IEEE} Trans. Image Process."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MM = "{IEEE} Trans. Multimedia"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_VCG = "{IEEE} Trans. Vis. Comput. Graphics"}
cybernetics, ergonomics, robots, man-machine, and automation
@STRING{IEEE_J_ASE = "{IEEE} Trans. Autom. Sci. Eng."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_JRA = "{IEEE} J. Robot. Autom."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_HFE = "{IEEE} Trans. Hum. Factors Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MMS = "{IEEE} Trans. Man-Mach. Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PAMI = "{IEEE} Trans. Pattern Anal. Mach. Intell."}
in 1989 JRA became RA
in August 2004, RA split into ASE and RO
@STRING{IEEE_J_RA = "{IEEE} Trans. Robot. Autom."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_RO = "{IEEE} Trans. Robot."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SMC = "{IEEE} Trans. Syst., Man, Cybern."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SMCA = "{IEEE} Trans. Syst., Man, Cybern. {A}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SMCB = "{IEEE} Trans. Syst., Man, Cybern. {B}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SMCC = "{IEEE} Trans. Syst., Man, Cybern. {C}"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_SSC = "{IEEE} Trans. Syst. Sci. Cybern."}
earth, wind, fire and water
@STRING{IEEE_J_GE = "{IEEE} Trans. Geosci. Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_GRS = "{IEEE} Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_GRSL = "{IEEE} Geosci. Remote Sens. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_OE = "{IEEE} J. Ocean. Eng."}
education, engineering, history, IEEE, professional
disabled till definition is verified
STRING{IEEE_J_CJECE = "Canadian J. Elect. Comput. Eng."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_EDU = "{IEEE} Trans. Educ."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_EM = "{IEEE} Trans. Eng. Manag."}
disabled till definition is verified
STRING{IEEE_J_EWS = "{IEEE} Trans. Eng. Writing Speech"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PC = "{IEEE} Trans. Prof. Commun."}
electromagnetics, antennas, EMI, magnetics and microwave
@STRING{IEEE_J_AWPL = "{IEEE} Antennas Wireless Propag. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MGWL = "{IEEE} Microw. Guided Wave Lett."}
IEEE seems to want "Compon." here, not "Comp."
@STRING{IEEE_J_MWCL = "{IEEE} Microw. Wireless Compon. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_AP = "{IEEE} Trans. Antennas Propag."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_EMC = "{IEEE} Trans. Electromagn. Compat."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MAG = "{IEEE} Trans. Magn."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_MTT = "{IEEE} Trans. Microw. Theory Tech."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_RFI = "{IEEE} Trans. Radio Freq. Interference"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_TJMJ = "{IEEE} Transl. J. Magn. Jpn."}
energy and power
@STRING{IEEE_J_EC = "{IEEE} Trans. Energy Convers."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PEL = "{IEEE} Power Electron. Lett."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PWRAS = "{IEEE} Trans. Power App. Syst."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PWRD = "{IEEE} Trans. Power Del."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PWRE = "{IEEE} Trans. Power Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_PWRS = "{IEEE} Trans. Power Syst."}
industrial, commercial and consumer
@STRING{IEEE_J_APPIND = "{IEEE} Trans. Appl. Ind."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_BC = "{IEEE} Trans. Broadcast."}
disabled till definition is verified
STRING{IEEE_J_BCTV = "{IEEE} Trans. Broadcast Television Receivers"}
@STRING{IEEE_J_CE = "{IEEE} Trans. Consum. Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_IE = "{IEEE} Trans. Ind. Electron."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_IECI = "{IEEE} Trans. Ind. Electron. Contr. Instrum."}
@STRING{IEEE_J_IA = "{IEEE} Trans. Ind. Appl."}