Commit ac0199f2 authored by Celian Gossec's avatar Celian Gossec

Update: 1903: Fixing typo

parent 11edf360
......@@ -133,10 +133,10 @@ image2d<float> stretch(const image2d<T>& src)
\draw (C) -- ++(0,-2);
\node[obj] [below = 0.4cm of A] (Py0) {\tiny np.array};
\node[obj] [below = 0.4cm of B] (ndima) {\tiny ndimage<>};
\node[obj] [below = 0.5cm of ndima] (D) {\tiny ndimage<T>};
\node[obj] [right =.35cm of D] (stretch) {\tiny stretch(ndimage2d<T>)};
\node[obj] [right =.35cm of ndima] (stretchv) {\tiny stretch(ndimage2d<>)};
\node[obj] [below = 0.4cm of B] (ndima) {\tiny image2d<>};
\node[obj] [below = 0.5cm of ndima] (D) {\tiny image2d<T>};
\node[obj] [right =.35cm of D] (stretch) {\tiny stretch(image2d<T>)};
\node[obj] [right =.35cm of ndima] (stretchv) {\tiny stretch(image2d<>)};
\draw[->,thick] (D) -- (ndima) node[midway,above] {};
\draw[->,thick] (stretchv) -- (stretch) node[midway,right] {\tiny dyn. dispatch};
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