Commit 32006bb3 authored by Antoine Martin's avatar Antoine Martin
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Use lisp functions to remove directory

parent e9f2dfca
......@@ -126,8 +126,19 @@
(print-columns dir-list length file))
(format file "</body>~%")))
(defun clean-directory (path)
(dolist (dir (directory (merge-pathnames "*/" (truename path))))
(clean-directory dir)
(sb-ext:delete-directory dir))
(dolist (file (directory (merge-pathnames "*.*" (truename path))))
(delete-file file)))
(defun remove-directory (path)
(clean-directory path)
(sb-ext:delete-directory (truename path)))
(defun build-texis (path-to-texis texinfo-path)
(sb-ext:run-program "/bin/mkdir" '("quickref"))
(remove-directory "quickref")
(let ((texis (get-texi-pathnames path-to-texis)))
(dolist (texi texis)
(sb-ext:run-program texinfo-path
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