Commit 37843f6b authored by Antoine Martin's avatar Antoine Martin
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Revert "Add logging during build of quicklisp releases"

This reverts commit 6f75a317.
parent 9034b4eb
...@@ -3,18 +3,12 @@ ...@@ -3,18 +3,12 @@
(ql:quickload "quickref") (ql:quickload "quickref")
(ql:quickload "net.didierverna.declt") (ql:quickload "net.didierverna.declt")
(defun log-condition (c)
(with-open-file (file (quickref::from-homedir
(format nil "declt-logfiles/~A.log"
:direction :output
:if-does-not-exist :create)
(format file "~A~%" c)))
(let ((primary-system (let ((primary-system
(quickref:get-primary-system-name cl-user::*qlmapper-object-name*))) (quickref:get-primary-system-name cl-user::*qlmapper-object-name*)))
;; #### TODO: encapsulate this into an error catching form.
(format t "STARTED BUILDING PACKAGE ~A~%" primary-system) (format t "STARTED BUILDING PACKAGE ~A~%" primary-system)
(handler-case (net.didierverna.declt:declt primary-system (ql:quickload primary-system)
:library cl-user::*qlmapper-object-name*) ;; #### TODO: See about providing more information to the DECLT call.
(error (c) (log-condition c))) (net.didierverna.declt:declt primary-system
:library cl-user::*qlmapper-object-name*)
(format t "FINISHED BUILDING PACKAGE ~A~%" primary-system)) (format t "FINISHED BUILDING PACKAGE ~A~%" primary-system))
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