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# Quickref
Quickref is a global documentation project for Common Lisp libraries. It
generates a website containing reference manuals for every
[Quicklisp]( library available. The reference
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## Using Quickref
In order to generate your local version of the website, you can use Quickref
either through the provided Docker images, or directly from the source.
### From Docker
This is the simplest way to use Quickref. The Docker image ships with a
complete build environment that aims to reproduce the one used to create the
Quicklisp releases. This means it contains (almost) all the dependencies
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### From the source
If you're feeling bold, you can also run Quickref directly from the source,
but beware that Quicklisp has a *lot* of external dependencies that will be
required for processing. Look at the file `docker/debian-8-packages.txt` to
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The generated files (logs, Texinfo, and HTML) can be found in `~/quickref/`.
#### Customization
The `REFRESH` function accepts a number of keyword options allowing you to
tweak the behavior of Quickref.
* `:parallel`: if true, Quickref will parallelize the generation of the
Texinfo and HTML files. This option is recommended if your machine has
multiple cores available.
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## Docker images
You can build your own Quickref Docker images by using the provided
Dockerfiles located in the `docker` directory. The project is split in 2
separate images:
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### Building the images
The two Quickref Docker images are created by typing respectively (and in that
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### Extracting the website
With `docker ps -a`, get the name/ID of your image. The output should look
like this (with a different name/ID for you):
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