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......@@ -86,26 +86,40 @@ the various Quicklisp libraries inside.
user, pulls the latest versions of Quickref and Declt, and finally launches
The project is split into 2 separate images to allow rebuilding the final
quickref image with the `--no-cache` flag (to pull the latest version from the
git repo), without rebuilding the whole environment (including the hundreds of
dependencies installed from `apt`).
### Building the images
To create the image with the build environment, run:
docker build -t my_image_name -f Dockerfile-buildenv .
docker build -t quickref/buildenv -f Dockerfile-buildenv .
To create the final Quickref image, run:
docker build -t my_image_name .
docker build -t quickref .
### Retrieving the website files from the image once Quickref finished running:
With `docker ps -a`, get the name/ID of your image. Then simply do:
With `docker ps -a`, get the name/ID of your image.
The output should look like this: (with a different name/ID for you)
2b67991057f4 quickref "bash" 6 seconds ago Exited (0) 2 seconds ago sleepy_morse
Then simply do:
docker cp my_image_name:/home/quickbuilder/quickref .
docker cp sleepy_morse:/home/quickbuilder/quickref .
The entire `quickref/` folder will be copied, the `website` folder inside
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