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Improve quickref system's long description.

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......@@ -25,9 +25,15 @@
:description "Reference Manuals for Quicklisp Libraries"
:long-description "\
Quickref is a global documentation project for Common Lisp libraries.
Quickref uses Declt to automatically generate reference manuals for all
libraries available in Quicklisp. Reference manuals are generated in HTML
and made available online at"
It generates a website containing reference manuals for every Quicklisp[1]
library available. The reference manuals are generated by Declt[2] in
Texinfo[3] format, and then processed by makeinfo. The official Quickref
website[4] is kept up-to-date with Quicklisp.
:author "Antoine Martin"
:license "BSD"
:depends-on (:quickref.core))
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