Commit 7eb49484 authored by Antoine Martin's avatar Antoine Martin
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Copy stylesheets automatically

Fixes #73
parent 8bdd05b9
......@@ -109,3 +109,17 @@
(list :match
(format-readme readme-pathname)))
(defun file-copy (source destination)
(with-open-file (in source :direction :input)
(with-open-file (out destination :direction :output)
(uiop:copy-stream-to-stream in out))))
(defun copy-stylesheets ()
(let ((styles '("main.css" "document.css"))
(css-dir (merge-pathnames "css/"
(asdf:system-source-directory "quickref")))
(website-dir (from-quickref-dir "website/")))
(dolist (file styles)
(file-copy (merge-pathnames file css-dir)
(merge-pathnames file website-dir)))))
......@@ -135,4 +135,5 @@ be found in ~/texi-logfiles/ and ~/declt-logfiles/ for now."
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