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......@@ -57,7 +57,12 @@ errors during processing (from both Declt and `makeinfo`).
### From the source
From your lisp REPL, just do:
If you're feeling bold, you can also run Quickref directly from the source,
but beware that Quicklisp has a *lot* of external dependencies that will be
required for processing. Look at the file `docker/debian-8-packages.txt` to
get an idea of what's needed.
Assuming you have made Quickref available to ASDF, type this:
(ql:quickload :quickref)
......@@ -65,11 +70,12 @@ From your lisp REPL, just do:
This will trigger a complete cycle, which includes downloading and installing
the Quicklisp packages, generating the .texi files for all of them thanks to
Declt, and generating the final website structure by converting the .texi files
to HTML.
Quicklisp (the *whole* thing), having Declt generate the Texinfo files, and
finally generating the website structure by converting the Texinfo files to
The generated files can by default be found in `$HOME/quickref/`.
The generated files (logs, Texinfo, and HTML) can be found in
## Advanced usage
Supports Markdown
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