Commit e7fcfc67 authored by Antoine Martin's avatar Antoine Martin
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Add function to refresh everything

parent 64563ca5
......@@ -49,3 +49,20 @@
(concatenate 'string
(namestring (asdf:system-source-directory "quickref"))
(defun uninstall-releases ()
(dolist (release (ql-dist:provided-releases t))
(ql-dist:uninstall release)))
(defun quicklisp-software ()
(concatenate 'string
(namestring (ql-dist:base-directory (ql-dist:dist "quicklisp")))
(defun refresh (makeinfo-path)
(ql:update-all-dists :prompt nil)
(ql:update-client :prompt nil)
(build-texis (quicklisp-software) makeinfo-path)
(build-index "quickref" "quickref/index.html"))
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