Commit e9f2dfca authored by Antoine Martin's avatar Antoine Martin
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Rename variable to better name

parent 5008a379
......@@ -109,20 +109,20 @@
(print-index-header file)
(let* ((dir-list (sort (get-directory-list path) #'string<
:key #'remove-cl-prefix))
(first-letter (get-first-letter (first dir-list)))
(current-letter (get-first-letter (first dir-list)))
(length 0)
(pos dir-list))
(loop until (endp pos)
do (if (letter-has-not-changed first-letter (get-first-letter (car pos)))
do (if (letter-has-not-changed current-letter (get-first-letter (car pos)))
(progn (setq length (+ length 1))
(setq pos (cdr pos)))
(print-index-letter first-letter file)
(print-index-letter current-letter file)
(print-columns dir-list length file)
(setq length 0)
(setq dir-list pos)
(setq first-letter (get-first-letter (car pos))))))
(print-index-letter first-letter file)
(setq current-letter (get-first-letter (car pos))))))
(print-index-letter current-letter file)
(print-columns dir-list length file))
(format file "</body>~%")))
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