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    Tiny fix and add some preconditions. · 82d645ec
    Thierry Geraud authored
    	* mln/convert/to_image.hh: Fix.
    	* mln/linear/line_convolve.hh: Add todo.
    	* mln/canvas/labeling.hh: Add comments.
    	* mln/labeling/flat_zones.hh,
    	* mln/labeling/foreground.hh,
    	* mln/labeling/regional_minima.hh,
    	* mln/labeling/regional_maxima.hh: Add precondition.
    	* mln/labeling/background.hh: .
    	* mln/labeling/level.hh (level_): Rename as...
    	(level_t): ...this.
    	(level_): New.
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