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    Fix tests in Milena. · f7bc7e13
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* tests/geom/rotate.cc: Fix test.
    	* mln/labeling/blobs_and_compute.hh: Add comments.
    	* mln/labeling/flat_zones.hh: Add missing members to functors.
    	* tests/labeling/blobs_and_compute.cc: Fix return type.
    	* tests/labeling/flat_zones.cc,
    	* tests/labeling/foreground.cc: Fix functor template parameters.
    	* tests/labeling/relabel.cc: The number of components is not
    	updated anymore.
    	* tests/labeling/colorize.cc: Fix reference according to last
    	changes in labeling::colorize routine
    	* mln/core/point.hh: Add mln:: namespace prefix.
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