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reconnaissance du locuteur sur les donn\'ees de NIST-SRE 2010.}
@TechReport{ guenezan.19.seminar,
author = {Paul Gu\'en\'ezan},
title = {Distributed State Space Exploration},
titre = {Parall\'elisation et Indexation de Quickref},
institution = {EPITA Research and Development Laboratory (LRDE)},
year = 2019,
number = 1904,
abstract = {In the model checking field, the data structures used to
represent a given program can't be stored in memory due to combinatorial
explosion. To speed up the exploration of such large data structures,
we can use parallel or distributed algorithms. In this report, we present
an implemention of a distributed state space exploration algorithm
proposed by Camille Coti in "One-Sided Communications for more
Efficient Parallel State Space Exploration over RDMA Clusters". We
compare it against a synchronous algorithm and an asynchronous
algorithm using threads to communicate with the same machine. We give
benchmarks of all these algorithms using the BEEN benchmark.},
resume = {Dans le domaine du "model checking", les structures de
donn\'ees utilis\'ees pour repr\'esenter un programme ne peuvent \^etre
stock\'ees en m\'emoire \`a cause l'explosion combinatoire. Pour
acc\'el\'erer l'exploration de structures de donn\'ees aussi grandes,
nous pouvons utiliser des algorithmes parall\`eles ou distribu`es. Dans
ce rapport, nous pr\'esenterons une implemention d'un algorithme
d'exploration d'espace d'\'etat distribu`e propos`e par Camille Coti
dans "One-Sided Communications for more Efficient Parallel State
Exploration over RDMA Clusters". Nous le comparerons avec un
algorithme synchrone et un algorithme asynchrone utilisant des
threads pour communiquer sur la m\^eme machine. Nous donnerons un
benchmark de tous ces algorithmes en utilisant le "BEEN benchmark."}
@TechReport{ guillot.11.seminar,
author = {Simon Guillot},
title = {Writing generic image processing algorithms},
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