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%% This document lists all the publications by members of the LRDE.
%% See
%% for instructions for adding/modifying entries in this file.
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doi = {10.29007/k5nl}
@InProceedings{ blahoudek.20.atva,
author = {Franti\v{s}ek Blahoudek and Alexandre Duret-Lutz and Jan
title = {{S}eminator~2 Can Complement Generalized {B\"u}chi
Automata via Improved Semi-Determinization},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on
Computer-Aided Verification (CAV'20)},
year = {2020},
publisher = {Springer},
pages = {??--??},
month = jul,
abstract = {We present the second generation of the tool Seminator
that transforms transition-based generalized B{\"u}chi
automata (TGBAs) into equivalent semi-deterministic
automata. The tool has been extended with numerous
optimizations and produces considerably smaller automata
than its first version. In connection with the
state-of-the-art LTL to TGBAs translator Spot, Seminator~2
produces smaller (on average) semi-deterministic automata
than the direct LTL to semi-deterministic automata
translator \texttt{ltl2ldgba} of the Owl library. Further,
Seminator~2 has been extended with an improved NCSB
complementation procedure for semi-deterministic automata,
providing a new way to complement automata that is
competitive with state-of-the-art complementation tools.},
lrdeprojects = {Spot},
lrdenewsdate = {2020-05-14},
lrdepaper = {},
note = {To appear}
author = {Isabelle Bloch and Thierry G\'eraud and Henri Ma\^itre},
title = {Representation and fusion of heterogeneous fuzzy
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