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    Setup conditional unit-tests in Scribo. · 0545aad9
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* tests/tests.mk: Add specific flags for external dependencies.
    	* tests/unit_test/Makefile.am
    	(EXTRA_DIST): Add const_tests_* files.
    	(regen-am): Use build-aux/build_unit_test.sh.
    	(scribo_*FLAGS): Remove specific flags for conditional unit-tests.
    	* tests/unit_test/build_unit_test.sh: Remove. Useless since
    	build-aux/build_unit_test.sh is used instead.
    	* tests/unit_test/cond_tests_qt,
    	* tests/unit_test/cond_tests_qt_tesseract_tiff,
    	* tests/unit_test/cond_tests_tesseract_tiff: New.
    	* tests/unit_test/unit-tests.mk: Regen.
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