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    Address more remaining clang++ errors in Milena. · 1f8557cf
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* mln/core/concept/proxy.hxx: Add and reorder forward
    	* mln/accu/site_set/rectangularity.hh (rectangularity<P>): Do not
    	re-import base class attributes as protected members, so that the
    	base class can still access them.
    	* mln/geom/seeds2tiling_roundness.hh,
    	* mln/subsampling/antialiased.hh,
    	* mln/world/inter_pixel/dim2/make_edge_image.hh:
    	Add missing header inclusions.
    	* mln/io/plot/save.hh (save)
    	* mln/morpho/tree/propagate_node.hh
    	Do not provide default arguments twice.
    	* mln/topo/face_iter.hh,
    	* mln/topo/n_face_iter.hh:
    	Add `this->' qualifiers to disambiguate calls to base class
    	* tests/metal/converts_to.cc (from_2): Do not rely on
    	uninitialized data.
    	(main): Add a test case.
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