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    Generate doc/examples-outputs.mk using sources in lieu of programs. · 3b9b30f4
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* doc/gen-examples-outputs-mk: Take sources as input instead of
    	* doc/examples-outputs.mk: Regen.
    	* doc/Makefile.am ($(DOC_SRCDIR)/examples-outputs.mk):
    	Adjust caller.
    	Use `find' to get inputs instead of relying on
    	Rename target as...
    	($(srcdir)/examples-outputs.mk): ...this.
    	Depend only on $(srcdir)/gen-examples-outputs-mk, and no longer on
    	(regen-examples-outputs-mk): Adjust as well.
    	* doc/programs-examples.mk: Adjust comments.