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    Make mln::topo::skeleton::breadth_first_thinning more generic. · 3ed0b329
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* mln/topo/skeleton/breadth_first_thinning.hh
    	(mln::topo::skeleton::breadth_first_thinning): Add a parameter I.
    	Take an Image<I> as argument instead of a bin_2complex_image3df.
    	Adjust return type.
    	Pass the `detach' function as an additional argument.
    	Adjust and complete the documentation.
    	* apps/statues/mesh-complex-skel.cc (main): Adjust caller.
    	* mln/topo/detach.hh (mln::topo::detach<D, G, V>): Get rid of
    	parameter V (replace it by `bool'), and turn the signature of
    	the function into...
    	(mln::topo::detach<D, G>): ...this.
    	Remove a (now) useless precondition.
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