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    Small fixes. · 4bfd663c
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* mln/accu/count_value.hh: Fix doc.
    	* mln/convert/from_to.hxx,
    	* mln/value/int_u.hh,
    	* mln/value/qt/rgb32.hhL: Add new from_to overloads.
    	* mln/convert/to_qimage.hh: Add a missing include.
    	* mln/convert/to_qimage_nocopy.hh: Rename an overload.
    	* mln/core/concept/function.hh: Add new concept n2v.
    	* mln/geom/rotate.hh: rename center() to pcenter().
    	* mln/histo/compute.hh: Fix a namespace ambiguity.
    	* mln/io/magick/save.hh: Handle qt::rgb32.
    	* mln/io/plot/save.hh: Add an overload for histograms.
    	* mln/labeling/relabel.hh: Make 'nlabels' const.
    	* mln/topo/skeleton/crest.hh: Fix a bug.
    	* tests/core/other/box_runstart_piter.cc: Write a valid test.
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