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    Equip Scribo with a recursive `tests' target. · 5d515548
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* Makefile.am (LOCAL_RECURSIVE_TARGETS): Remove pretty-check.
    	($(LOCAL_RECURSIVE_TARGETS)): Recurse in scribo/ too.
    	(pretty-check): New target, recursing only in milena/.
    	* milena/tests/tests-recursive.mk: Move...
    	* build-aux/tests-recursive.mk: ...here.
    	* milena/tests/tests.mk: Adjust.
    	Remove old comments.
    	* scribo/Makefile.am (tests): New target.
    	(bin): Use common idioms.
    	* scribo/tests/tests.mk: Include milena/tests/tests-recursive.mk.
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