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    Move to-be-installed header files from src/ to scribo/. · 77cc306a
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* src/afp/components.hh,
    	* src/afp/link.hh,
    	* src/afp/regroup.hh:
    	Move files...
    	* scribo/afp/components.hh,
    	* scribo/afp/link.hh,
    	* scribo/afp/regroup.hh:
    	...here, as they are included by other files located under
    	scribo/, and therefore should be installed as well.
    	* scribo/toolchain/internal/text_in_picture_functor.hh,
    	* src/text_recognition_in_picture.cc:
    	* headers.mk,
    	* tests/unit_test/unit-tests.mk:
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