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    Make io::dump::* more robust and improve dump format. · ad2b09e0
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* mln/io/dump/load.hh,
    	* mln/io/dump/save.hh:
    	  - Add new information in the header.
    	  - Add more assertion on value type, dimension and file type.
    	  Important note: Old dump files are not compatible with this new
    	* mln/trait/value_.hh: add a new macro mln_trait_value_name.
    	* mln/value/builtin/floatings.hh
    	* mln/value/builtin/integers.hh
    	* mln/value/builtin/symbolics.hh
    	* mln/value/int_s.hh
    	* mln/value/int_u.hh
    	* mln/value/label.hh
    	* mln/value/rgb.hh: add name() member to value_<> specialization.
    	  It returns the type name as a const char*.
    	* tests/io/dump/dump.cc: add new tests with builtin types.
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