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    Prepare to fast the morpho wst by flooding. · bba0c0e9
    Thierry Geraud authored
    	* mln/morpho/watershed: New directory.
    	* mln/morpho/meyer_wst.hh: Copy to...
    	* mln/morpho/watershed/flooding.hh: ...this new file.
    	(watershed): New namespace.
    	(nbasins): Rename as...
    	(n_basins): ...this.
    	(meyer_wst): Remove overload without n_basins.
    	(meyer_wst): Rename this only remaining routine as...
    	(flooding): ...this.
    	(flooding_dispatch): New.
    	* mln/morpho/watershed/all.hh: New.
    	* mln/morpho/all.hh: Update.
    	* tests/morpho/watershed: New directory.
    	* tests/morpho/watershed/flooding.cc: New.
    	* tests/morpho/watershed/Makefile.am: New.
    	* tests/morpho/Makefile.am: Update.
    git-svn-id: https://svn.lrde.epita.fr/svn/oln/trunk@3308 4aad255d-cdde-0310-9447-f3009e2ae8c0