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    Few improvements in Scribo. · bbc4eb43
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* debug/usage.hh: Improve output.
    	* primitive/internal/find_left_link.hh,
    	* primitive/internal/find_right_link.hh: Move a big 'if'...
    	* primitive/internal/is_invalid_link.hh: ... in this new routine.
    	* primitive/internal/update_link_array.hh: Reindent.
    	* src/text_in_doc_ppm.cc: New example to process a color document.
    git-svn-id: https://svn.lrde.epita.fr/svn/oln/trunk@4595 4aad255d-cdde-0310-9447-f3009e2ae8c0
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