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    Improve common documentation. · cacbfbd3
    Guillaume Lazzara authored
    	* AUTHORS: Use RST syntax.
    	* doc/Doxyfile.in: Use .dox files for documentation.
    	* doc/DoxygenLayout.xml: Improve layout.
    	* doc/Makefile.am: Add dependencies.
    	* doc/lrde.bib,
    	* doc/contributors.dox: New.
    	* doc/bibliography.hh,
    	* doc/mainpage.hh,
    	* doc/modules_list.hh: Rename to...
    	* doc/bibliography.dox,
    	* doc/mainpage.dox,
    	* doc/modules_list.dox: ...this.
    	* doc/olena.qhcp: Remove.
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