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    Address errors reported by clang++ in Scribo. · f782485f
    Roland Levillain authored
    	* scribo/io/text_boxes/save.hh,
    	* scribo/primitive/extract/components.hh,
    	* scribo/primitive/link/with_single_right_link.hh,
    	* scribo/text/recognition.hh,
    	* scribo/toolchain/content_in_doc.hh,
    	* scribo/toolchain/content_in_hdoc.hh,
    	* scribo/toolchain/text_in_doc.hh,
    	* scribo/toolchain/text_in_doc_preprocess.hh,
    	* scribo/toolchain/text_in_picture.hh:
    	Do not provide default arguments twice.
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