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2009-08-15 Thierry Geraud <theo@este>

	* ChangeLog: Fix.  Wrong commit directory, sorry.

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2009-08-15 Thierry Geraud <>
Fix various accumulators things.
Have transform_line fastest.
* milena/mln/accu/transform_line.hh: Add documentation.
(todo): Remove, done:
The specialization for fastest images is now up.
(todo): New. A version that ignores extensions should
exist; see commented code in this present file.
(impl::generic::transform_line): Add extension adjust for
safety reason.
(impl::generic::transform_line_fastest): Activate.
Fix bug.
(transform_line_dispatch): Revamp to take into account
accumulator properties.
(transform_line): Call properly the dispatch mechanism.
* milena/tests/accu/ Test both generic and
fastest versions.
Fix missing properties for some accumulators.
* milena/mln/accu/stat/min.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/stat/max.hh (set_value): New method.
* milena/mln/accu/stat/max_h.hh (invariant_): New method.
(max_h): Add calls to invariant_.
(debug_print_): Augment.
* milena/mln/accu/math/count.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/logic/lor.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/logic/lor_basic.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/logic/land.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/logic/land_basic.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/stat/min.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/stat/max.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/stat/min_h.hh,
* milena/mln/accu/stat/max_h.hh (trait): Add missing traits.
* milena/mln/morpho/general.spe.hh: Fix layout.
Remove useless includes.
2009-08-15 Thierry Geraud <theo@este>
* ChangeLog: Fix. Wrong commit directory, sorry.
2009-07-24 Guillaume Lazzara <>
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