Commit 8deec764 authored by Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara
Browse files Update file names.

git-svn-id: 4aad255d-cdde-0310-9447-f3009e2ae8c0
parent 10f70f38
2009-07-13 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* Update file names.
2009-07-13 Roland Levillain <>
Mention Trimesh in the documentation.
......@@ -46,12 +46,12 @@ rm -rf $DEST_DOC/white_paper_html.tmp
chmod -R a+rx milena/doc/user
chmod -R a+rx milena/doc/white_paper
cp -pR milena/doc/user/html $DEST_DOC/user_doc.tmp
cp -pR milena/doc/user-refman-html $DEST_DOC/user_doc.tmp
cp -pR milena/doc/white_paper/white_paper_html $DEST_DOC/white_paper_html.tmp
cp milena/doc/ref_guide/ref_guide.pdf $DEST_DOC/
cp milena/doc/tutorial/tutorial.pdf $DEST_DOC/
cp milena/doc/user/latex/refman.pdf $DEST_DOC/user_doc.pdf
cp milena/doc/user-refman.pdf $DEST_DOC/user_doc.pdf
cp milena/doc/white_paper/white_paper.pdf $DEST_DOC/
mv -f $DEST_DOC/user_doc $DEST_DOC/user_doc.old || true
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