Commit 8e3da2c2 authored by Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara Committed by Roland Levillain

debian/rules: Remove empty directories in package.

Signed-off-by: Roland Levillain's avatarRoland Levillain <>
parent fc1620e5
2012-06-04 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* debian/rules: Remove empty directories in package.
2012-06-04 Guillaume Lazzara <> 2012-06-04 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* debian/HOWTO: update. * debian/HOWTO: update.
...@@ -41,12 +41,15 @@ clean: ...@@ -41,12 +41,15 @@ clean:
rm -f config.{sub,guess,status,log} rm -f config.{sub,guess,status,log}
dh_clean dh_clean
# Remove empty directories shipped with doxygen after installation in
# order to cleanup packages.
install: build install: build
dh_testdir dh_testdir
dh_testroot dh_testroot
dh_prep dh_prep
dh_installdirs dh_installdirs
$(MAKE) DESTDIR="$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp" install $(MAKE) DESTDIR="$(CURDIR)/debian/tmp" install
find $(CURDIR)/debian/tmp -type d -empty -delete
# Build architecture independant packages. # Build architecture independant packages.
build-indep: build build-indep: build
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