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README: Update.

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2009-11-03 Roland Levillain <>
* README: Update.
2009-11-03 Roland Levillain <>
Aesthetic changes w.r.t. white space and comments.
Note: These instructions have been updated since this project has
been re-integrated into the Olena repository (October 2009).
However, they will probably evolve again, since the project should
eventually become a part of the Olena distribution. The biggest
change will probably be to run things from the parent directory
(Olena's) and enable a configure flag to activate this module.
From the repository:
# Initialize the build system
# Initialize the build system.
# Make a build dir
# Make a build dir.
mkdir _build && cd _build
# Configure the build for your system
# The try to use more efficient tools (g++-4.0 and ccache)
# it also enable the configure caching.
# With --prefix you can set the destination (here _install)
# Configure the build for your system.
# You can also use the file `' shipped with the
# distribution, though it is a bit old. `' tries to use
# more efficient tools (g++-4.0 and ccache). It also enables
# configure's caching mechanism. With `--prefix' you can set the
# destination (here, `../_install').
CONFIG_SITE=`pwd`/../ ../configure --prefix=`pwd`/../_install
# For now need to add the bin directory to your path because dyn-config is
# by programs compiled with our system
# You may want to add the `bin/' directory to your path, but it is
# no longer mandatory (`dyn-config' from `bin/' used to be required
# by programs compiled with our system).
export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`/bin
make check # The test with a latest prototype of olena will fail if you
# don't checkout it:
# cd test/olena && svn co
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