Commit c847305b authored by Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara
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mln/geom/rotate.hh: Fix output domain.

git-svn-id: 4aad255d-cdde-0310-9447-f3009e2ae8c0
parent b6454c7b
2009-06-30 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* mln/geom/rotate.hh: Fix output domain.
2009-06-30 Guillaume Lazzara <>
* tests/morpho/closing/approx/ add test outputs to
......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@
# include <mln/core/concept/image.hh>
# include <mln/core/concept/site_set.hh>
# include <mln/core/concept/box.hh>
# include <mln/core/routine/extend.hh>
......@@ -58,20 +59,22 @@ namespace mln
/// Perform a rotation from the center of an image.
/// \param[in] input_ An image.
/// \param[in] input An image.
/// \param[in] angle An angle in degrees.
/// \param[in] extension_ Function, image or value which will be used
/// \param[in] extension Function, image or value which will be used
/// as extension. This extension allows to map
/// values to sites which where not part
/// of the domain before the rotation.
/// \param[in] output_domain_ The domain of the output image.
/// \param[in] output_domain The domain of the output image. An
/// invalid domain, causes the routine
/// to use the rotated input_ domain.
/// \return An image with the same domain as \p input_.
/// \return An image with the same domain as \p input.
template <typename I, typename Ext, typename S>
rotate(const Image<I>& input_, double angle,
const Ext& extension_, const Site_Set<S>& output_domain);
rotate(const Image<I>& input, double angle,
const Ext& extension, const Site_Set<S>& output_domain);
/// \overload
......@@ -87,6 +90,7 @@ namespace mln
rotate(const Image<I>& input_, double angle);
......@@ -99,27 +103,59 @@ namespace mln
const I& input = exact(input_);
const S& output_domain = exact(output_domain_);
const mln_exact(Ext)& extension = exact(extensions_);
// Do not check that output_domain_ is valid. If it is not,
// further in this routine, we define a default domain.
mln_precondition(angle >= -360.0f && angle <= 360.0f);
mlc_converts_to(Ext, mln_value(I))::check();
/// FIXME: A precondition is probably missing for the extension value.
mlc_converts_to(mln_exact(Ext), mln_value(I))::check();
// FIXME: A precondition is probably missing for the extension value.
mln_site(I) c = geom::bbox(input).center();
typedef fun::x2x::translation<2,double> trans_t;
t(-1 * c.to_vec()),
typedef fun::x2x::rotation<2,double> rot_t;
rot_t rot(math::pi * angle / 180.f, literal::origin);
fun::x2x::composed<trans_t, fun::x2x::composed<rot_t, trans_t> >
comp_transf_t comp_transf = compose(t_1, compose(rot, t));
S b = output_domain;
// Automatically adjusting the output domain if needed.
if (!output_domain.is_valid())
typedef mln_site(I) P;
rpmin = P(comp_transf(input.domain().pmin().to_vec())),
rpmax = P(comp_transf(input.domain().pmax().to_vec()));
for (unsigned i = 0; i < mln_site_(I)::dim; ++i)
if (rpmax[i] < rpmin[i])
std::swap(rpmax[i], rpmin[i]);
b = mln_box(I)(rpmin, rpmax);
tr_image<mln_box(I), extension_val<const I>, comp_transf_t> tr_t;
tr_t tr = transposed_image(b, extend(input, extension_), comp_transf);
typedef mln_site(I) P;
P rpmin = P(rot(input.domain().pmin().to_vec()));
mln_concrete(I) output;
initialize(output, input);
initialize(output, tr);
extend(input, extension_),
compose(t_1, compose(rot, t))),
data::paste(tr, output);
return output;
......@@ -130,7 +166,7 @@ namespace mln
rotate(const Image<I>& input, double angle, const Ext& extension)
return rotate(input, angle, extension, exact(input).domain());
return rotate(input, angle, extension, mln_box(I)());
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