1. 18 Nov, 2010 35 commits
  2. 15 Nov, 2010 5 commits
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      Import annotating sources from milena green's sandbox. · 6ada0c4e
      Yann Jacquelet authored and Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara committed
      	* README.green: New.
      	* demo/annotating/bic/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/bic/bic.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/hsv/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/hsv/hsv.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/lep/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/lep/lep.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/nb_color/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/nb_color/nb_color.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/project/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/project/project.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/rgb_64/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/rgb_64/rgb_64.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/rgb_64_9/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/rgb_64_9/rgb_64_9.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/stddev_color/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/stddev_color/stddev_color.cc: New.
      	* demo/annotating/stddev_color_16/Makefile.am: New.
      	* demo/annotating/stddev_color_16/stddev_color_16.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/achromastism/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/achromastism/achromastism.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/achromastism/text-color.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/achromastism/text-img.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/achromastism/text-only.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/bench/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/bench/bench.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/error/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/error/error.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/histo/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/histo/histo.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hsv/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hsv/hsv.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hue/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hue/hue.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hue/text-color.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hue/text-img.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/hue/text-only.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/nb_color/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/nb_color/nb_color.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/saturation/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/saturation/saturation.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/saturation/text-color.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/saturation/text-img.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/saturation/text-only.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/stddev_color/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/stddev_color/stddev_color.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/stddev_color_16/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/stddev_color_16/stddev_color_16.cc: New.
      	* exp/annotating/value/Makefile.am: New.
      	* exp/annotating/value/text-color.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/value/text-img.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/value/text-only.txt: New.
      	* exp/annotating/value/value.cc: New.
      	* mln/clustering/kmean2d.hh: New.
      	* mln/fun/p2b/achromatic.hh: New.
      	* mln/fun/v2v/hue_concentration.hh: New.
      	* mln/fun/v2v/rgb_to_achromatism_map.hh: New.
      	* mln/fun/v2v/rgb_to_hsv.hh: New.
    • Guillaume Lazzara's avatar
      Import regional maxima sources from milena green's sandbox. · 175ec2f5
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* README.green: Update documentation.
      	Implement a primary demonstrator with watershed labeling.
      	* demo/labeling/watershed: New directory.
      	* demo/labeling/watershed/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/labeling/watershed/watershed.cc: New demo source.
      	* demo/labeling/watershed/gaussian.sh: New calibrate tools.
      	Implement a secondary demonstrator with regional maxima labeling.
      	* demo/labeling/regional_maxima: New directory.
      	* demo/labeling/regional_maxima/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/labeling/regional_maxima/regional_maxima.cc: New demo source.
      	* demo/labeling/regional_maxima/threshold.txt: New threshold map file.
      	Implement the same demonstrator with directory scanning.
      	* exp/labeling/regional_maxima: New directory.
      	* exp/labeling/regional_maxima/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* exp/labeling/regional_maxima/regional_maxima.cc: New demo source.
      	* exp/labeling/regional_maxima/threshold.txt: New threshold map file.
      	Implement r/g projection.
      	* mln/display: New directory.
      	* mln/display/display_histo.hh: New library file.
      	* mln/display/project_histo.hh: New library file.
      	Give minimal code for using r/w projection.
      	* use/display/display_histo: New directory.
      	* use/display/display_histo/Makefile.am: New Makefile.
      	* use/display/display_histo/display_histo.cc: New source.
      	Divide the secondary demonstrator in four binaries in order to test it.
      	Implement the quantified RGB histogram.
      	* tools/labeling/histo: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/histo/Makefile.am: new makefile.
      	* tools/labeling/histo/histo.cc: New source.
      	Filter the quantified RGB histogram by morphological volume attribute.
      	* tools/labeling/opening: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/opening/Makefile.am: New makfile.
      	* tools/labeling/opening/opening.cc: New source.
      	Labeling the resulting histogram.
      	* tools/labeling/regmax: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/regmax/Makefile: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/regmax/regmax.cc: New source.
      	Propagate labels in the labeling histogram.
      	* tools/labeling/iz: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/iz/Makefile: New directory.
      	* tools/labeling/iz/iz.cc: New source.
      	Import documentation directory.
      	* doc: New directory.
      	Import annotating search notes.
      	* doc/annotating/class.txt: New documentation text file.
      	* doc/annotating/syntheseMillet.txt: New documentation text file.
      	* doc/annotating/testMillet2008: New documentation text file.
      	Import milena learning examples.
      	* doc/examples: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/hello_world: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/hello_world/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/hello_world/hellow_world.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/hello_world/print.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/hello_milena: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/hello_milena/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/hello_milena/hello_milena.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/learn_milena: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/learn_milena/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/learn_milena/learn_milena.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/otsu: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/otsu/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/otsu/otsu.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/frac: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/frac/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/frac/frac.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/frac/frac.hh: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/frac/sign_prod.hh: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/frac/gcd.hh: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/accu_color: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/accu_color/accu_color.cc: New source file.
      	* doc/examples/io: New directory.
      	* doc/examples/io/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* doc/examples/io/io.cc: New source file.
      	Write down the basis of the quick tour summary documentation.
      	* doc/quick_tour: New specific directory.
      	* doc/quick_tour/quick_tour.tex: New documentation work.
      	Write down 3d currently used formulaes.
      	* doc/formulae: New specific directory.
      	* doc/formulae/formulae.tex: New recipe of 3d formulae.
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      Add some futur materials on regional maxima. · ba64aafb
      Yann Jacquelet authored and Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara committed
      	* test_labelling_2.cc: New file.
      	* test_labelling_3.cc: New file.
    • Yann Jacquelet's avatar
      Implement the kmean algorithh and start to optimize it. · 400f1e8f
      Yann Jacquelet authored and Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara committed
      	Implement the first version with vectors and matrices.
      	* mln/clustering/k_mean.hh: New library component.
      	* use/clustering/k_mean: New directory.
      	* use/clustering/k_mean/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/clustering/k_mean/k_mean.cc: New source file.
      	* tests/clustering/k_mean: New directory.
      	* tests/clustering/k_mean/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* tests/clustering/k_mean/k_mean.cc: New source file.
      	Implement the second version with image and working in 1d.
      	* mln/clustering/kmean1d.hh: New library component.
      	* use/clustering/kmean1d: New directory.
      	* use/clustering/kmean1d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/clustering/kmean1d/kmean1d.cc: New source file.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean1d: New directory.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean1d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean1d/kmean1d.cc: New source file.
      	Implement transformation between RG space and RGB space.
      	* mln/fun/v2v/rg_to_rgb.hh: New library component.
      	* use/fun/v2v/rg_to_rgb: New directory.
      	* use/fun/v2v/rg_to_rgb/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/fun/v2v/rg_to_rgb/rg_to_rgb.cc: New source file.
      	Implement the third version working in 2d (r/g).
      	* mln/clustering/kmean2d.hh: New library component.
      	* use/clustering/kmean2d: New directory.
      	* use/clustering/kmean2d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/clustering/kmean2d/kmean2d.cc: New source file.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean2d: New directory.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean2d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean2d/kmean2d.cc: New source file.
      	Implement the fourth version working in 3d (rgb).
      	* mln/clustering/kmean3d.hh: New library component.
      	* use/clustering/kmean3d: New directory.
      	* use/clustering/kmean3d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/clustering/kmean3d/kmean3d.cc: New source file.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean3d: New directory.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean3d/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean3d/kmean3d.cc: New source file.
      	Implement the fith version as a function (working in rgb space).
      	* mln/clustering/kmean_rgb.hh: New library component.
      	* use/clustering/kmean_rgb: New directory.
      	* use/clustering/kmean_rgb/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* use/clustering/kmean_rgb/kmean_rgb.cc: New source file.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean_rgb: New directory.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean_rgb/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* demo/clustering/kmean_rgb/kmean_rgb.cc: New source file.
      	Benchmark distance algorithm for the kmean algorithm.
      	* bench/clustering/distance: New directory.
      	* bench/clustering/distance/Makefile.am: New makefile.
      	* bench/clustering/distance/distance.cc: New source file.
    • Yann Jacquelet's avatar
      Define documentation files. · 7155a610
      Yann Jacquelet authored and Guillaume Lazzara's avatar Guillaume Lazzara committed
      	* README.green: New index for source files in scribo/sandbox/green.
      	* README.img: New index for image database.
      	* README.result: New index for histogram database.