1. 10 Sep, 2013 3 commits
  2. 09 Sep, 2013 6 commits
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      Swilena: Remove Milena's build dir from the file inclusion path. · 8699ea5d
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* python/Makefile.am (AM_CPPFLAGS): Here.
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      Scribo: Do not look for headers in the build tree uselessly. · e61d93d2
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* doc/Makefile.am (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove Scribo's build dir from
      	the file inclusion path.
      	* src/Makefile.am
      	(pbm_text_in_doc_CPPFLAGS, text_recognition_in_picture_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/contest/DAE-2011/Makefile.am
      	(content_in_hdoc_dae_CPPFLAGS, content_in_hdoc_dae_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/contest/hbr-2013/Makefile.am (content_in_hdoc_hbr_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/contest/hdlac-2011/Makefile.am (content_in_hdoc_hdlac_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/contest/hnla-2013/Makefile.am (content_in_hdoc_hnla_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/text/Makefile.am
      	(pbm_lines_recognition_CPPFLAGS, pbm_recognition_CPPFLAGS)
      	* src/toolchain/nepomuk/Makefile.am (text_extraction_CPPFLAGS)
      	* tests/toolchain/nepomuk/Makefile.am (text_extraction_CPPFLAGS):
      	Remove -I$(top_builddir).
      	* src/pbm_text_in_doc.cc,
      	* src/text/pbm_lines_recognition.cc
      	* src/text/pbm_recognition.cc
      	* src/text_recognition_in_picture.cc
      	* src/toolchain/nepomuk/text_extraction.cc
      	* tests/toolchain/nepomuk/text_extraction.cc
      	[HAVE_CONFIG_H]: Do not include config.h.
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      Milena: Do not look for headers in the build tree uselessly. · 9c2f117f
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* tools/tools.mk (AM_CPPFLAGS): Remove Milena's build dir from the
      	file inclusion path.
      	Remove outdated FIXMEs.
      	* apps/constrained-connectivity/Makefile.am,
      	* apps/graph-morpho/Makefile.am,
      	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/Makefile.am,
      	* apps/morphers/Makefile.am,
      	* apps/papers/levillain.09.ismm/Makefile.am
      	(AM_CPPFLAGS): Explain why $(top_builddir)/milena is part of the
      	file inclusion path.
      	* apps/generic-skel/Makefile.am,
      	* doc/Makefile.am,
      	* tests/tests.mk
      	(AM_CPPFLAGS): Uniformity changes.
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      Olena: Remove Milena's build dir from the file inclusion path. · 9d5b6b6c
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* doc/Makefile.am (AM_CPPFLAGS): Here.
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      Force make to regen Milena's mln/version.hh before other files. · c9517b92
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Prepend `.' to the list of subdirectories
      	to force make to honor this Makefile's targets before recursing in
      	Milena's subdirectories.
    • Roland Levillain's avatar
      Have `make regen' also regenerate Milena's mln/version.hh. · b8bc67ae
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* Makefile.am (regen-am): Here.
  3. 06 Sep, 2013 4 commits
  4. 05 Sep, 2013 1 commit
  5. 02 Sep, 2013 2 commits
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      Add parentheses around complex operands of operator `|'. · bb6ddb7e
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/mesh-complex-max-curv-1-collapse.cc,
      	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/mesh-complex-max-curv-2-collapse.cc:
      	Here, as suggested by g++ 4.7.
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      Do not run test-mixed in Milena apps with the `check' target. · abdd5eb7
      Roland Levillain authored
      	* apps/generic-skel/test-mixed.in,
      	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/test-mixed.in:
      	Add a `-wadgmm-2010' suffix to saved images to distinguish them
      	from outputs of other tests.
      	* apps/generic-skel/Makefile.am,
      	* apps/mesh-segm-skel/Makefile.am
      	(MOSTLYCLEANFILES): Adjust.
      	Add files generated by disabled test cases.
      	(generated_checked_tests): New.
      	Contain all generated checked tests.
      	(generated_tests): Set it to contain all test (checked
      	automatically and run manually).
      	(TESTS): Set it to $(generated_checked_tests).
      	Aesthetic changes.
  6. 31 Aug, 2013 6 commits
  7. 30 Aug, 2013 18 commits