1. 15 Mar, 2010 3 commits
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      Cleanup and avoid warnings in Sauvola related files. · ca034dd5
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* scribo/binarization/sauvola_ms.hh,
      	* scribo/binarization/sauvola_threshold.hh,
      	* scribo/canvas/integral_browsing.hh,
      	* scribo/src/binarization/sauvola_ms.cc,
      	* scribo/src/binarization/sauvola_pgm.cc,x
      	* scribo/subsampling/integral_single_image.hh: Cleanup and avoir
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      Improve stats computation in Sauvola Multi-scale. · 542fcf95
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* binarization/internal/first_pass_functor.hh: Use
      	sauvola_threshold routine.
      	* binarization/sauvola_threshold.hh: Remove debug and fix invalid
      	read in integral image.
      	* canvas/integral_browsing.hh,
      	* subsampling/integral_single_image.hh: Fix stats computation.
      	* src/binarization/sauvola_ms.cc: Fix window parameter and make
      	debug output optional.
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      Optimize Sauvola's multiscale binarization. · 32e461a6
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* core/init_integral_image.hh: New.
      	* src/binarization/sauvola_ms.cc: Optimize and make it more
      	* canvas/integral_browsing.hh: New canvas to browse and compute
      	data in an integral image.
      	* binarization/internal/first_pass_functor.hh: New functor to be
      	used in the integral browsing.
      	* binarization/sauvola_threshold.hh: Add new overloads.
      	* subsampling/integral_single_image.hh: Subsample an image and
      	compute integral images at the same time.