1. 05 Mar, 2013 4 commits
  2. 01 Mar, 2013 2 commits
  3. 28 Feb, 2013 2 commits
  4. 27 Feb, 2013 1 commit
  5. 26 Feb, 2013 8 commits
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      tests/unit_test/unit-tests.mk: Update. · 69a8bfc3
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
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      tests/unit_test/unit-tests.mk: Update. · aca68d9d
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
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      Fix call to text_in_doc_preprocess(). · 94d54581
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* src/content_in_hdoc.cc,
      	* src/contest/hdlac-2011/content_in_hdoc_hdlac.cc,
      	* src/non_text_components.cc,
      	* src/text_in_doc_preprocess.cc: Here.
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      Fix various warnings. · 6c791fef
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* scribo/binarization/otsu_threshold.hh: Fix comparisons between
      	different types.
      	* scribo/io/xml/load.hh: Convert to float.
      	* scribo/text/paragraphs_closing.hh,
      	* scribo/text/recognition.hh,
      	* src/afp/components.hh: Remove unused variables.
      	* src/binarization/otsu.cc: Silent warning.
      	* src/misc/morpho.cc: Check number of arguments.
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      common.mk: Fix include paths order. · ab034432
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
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      tests/data.hh.in: Rename guards. · e27c410b
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
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      Fix a warning. · 096f3277
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
      	* mln/canvas/labeling/sorted.hh,
      	* mln/canvas/labeling/video.hh: Remove unused attribute.
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      Merge branch 'next' into unstable/scribo · 4d0f7e21
      Guillaume Lazzara authored
  6. 18 Feb, 2013 23 commits
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      Merge branch Antoine Froger's work into unstable/scribo. · a6aaffe8
      Antoine Froger authored
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      Remove working directories. · 8c22f856
      Antoine Froger authored
      	* NotePad/NotePad.pro,
      	* NotePad/main.cpp,
      	* NotePad/notepad.cpp,
      	* NotePad/notepad.h,
      	* NotePad/notepad.ui,
      	* NotePad/test.ppm,
      	* Test/Test.pro,
      	* Test/Test.pro.user,
      	* Test/main.cpp,
      	* Test/test.cpp,
      	* Test/test.h,
      	* Test/test.ui,
      	* Test2/Test2.pro,
      	* Test2/Test2.pro.user,
      	* Test2/Test2.pro.user.1.3,
      	* Test2/customgraphicsview.cpp,
      	* Test2/customgraphicsview.h,
      	* Test2/debug.xml,
      	* Test2/main.cpp,
      	* Test2/picture.cpp,
      	* Test2/picture.h,
      	* Test2/region.h,
      	* Test2/selectionitem.cpp,
      	* Test2/selectionitem.h,
      	* Test2/test2.cpp,
      	* Test2/test2.h,
      	* Test2/test2.ui,
      	* Test2/xml.cpp,
      	* Test2/xml.h,
      	* TestInterface/GScribo.pro,
      	* TestInterface/GScribo.pro.user,
      	* TestInterface/config.h,
      	* TestInterface/dir.h,
      	* TestInterface/main.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/mainwindow.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/mainwindow.h,
      	* TestInterface/mainwindow.ui,
      	* TestInterface/polygonitem.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/polygonitem.h,
      	* TestInterface/preprocess.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/preprocess.h,
      	* TestInterface/process.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/process.h,
      	* TestInterface/progressdialog.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/progressdialog.h,
      	* TestInterface/runner.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/runner.h,
      	* TestInterface/scene.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/scene.h,
      	* TestInterface/selection.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/selection.h,
      	* TestInterface/xml.cpp,
      	* TestInterface/xml.h,
      	* XmlParser/XmlParser.pro,
      	* XmlParser/XmlParser.pro.user,
      	* XmlParser/XmlParser.pro.user.1.3,
      	* XmlParser/configs.h,
      	* XmlParser/dir.h,
      	* XmlParser/main.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/mainwindow.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/mainwindow.h,
      	* XmlParser/mainwindow.ui,
      	* XmlParser/polygonitem.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/polygonitem.h,
      	* XmlParser/preprocess.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/preprocess.h,
      	* XmlParser/process.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/process.h,
      	* XmlParser/progressdialog.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/progressdialog.h,
      	* XmlParser/region.h,
      	* XmlParser/runner.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/runner.h,
      	* XmlParser/scene.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/scene.h,
      	* XmlParser/selection.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/selection.h,
      	* XmlParser/toolbar.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/toolbar.h,
      	* XmlParser/xml.cpp,
      	* XmlParser/xml.h,
      	* XmlTree/XmlTree.pro,
      	* XmlTree/XmlTree.pro.user,
      	* XmlTree/XmlTree.pro.user.1.3,
      	* XmlTree/configs.h,
      	* XmlTree/main.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/mainwindow.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/mainwindow.h,
      	* XmlTree/mainwindow.ui,
      	* XmlTree/polygonitem.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/polygonitem.h,
      	* XmlTree/region.h,
      	* XmlTree/treeview.h,
      	* XmlTree/variantpointer.h,
      	* XmlTree/xml.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xml.h,
      	* XmlTree/xmldelegate.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xmldelegate.h,
      	* XmlTree/xmlitem.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xmlitem.h,
      	* XmlTree/xmlmodel.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xmlmodel.h,
      	* XmlTree/xmlproxy.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xmlproxy.h,
      	* XmlTree/xmlwidget.cpp,
      	* XmlTree/xmlwidget.h: Remove.
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      * .gitignore: New. · d4d136fc
      Antoine Froger authored
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      Fix some little bugs. · 4a16753e
      Antoine Froger authored
      * mainwindow.cpp: Set all temporary windows (such like progress dialog) as Qt::Dialog to avoid the title main window changement,
      Disable/ Enable the exportation if the xml file has been recognized or not,
      Exportation do not work due to the source program.
      * xml.cpp: Create a function "recognized" which check if the current xml file has been recognized by the OCR.
      * graphicsview.cpp: Enlarge the zoom.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Segmentation works. Recognition do not work correctly, do not know if it is... · 2ed6b8ec
      Antoine Froger authored
      Segmentation works. Recognition do not work correctly, do not know if it is related to this computer specifically. Some tests to do.
      * runner.cpp,
      * graphicsview.cpp,
      * main.cpp,
      * mainwindow.cpp,
      * mainwindow.h,
      * xml.cpp: Save the xml path when it is loaded.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Fix segmentation chain problems. · 732dd999
      Antoine Froger authored
      * runner.cpp: Try to fix segmentations problem,
      * configs.h,
      * regionwidget.cpp,
      * TODO.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Reimplement the toolchain segmentation but do not compile due to tesseract. · 44d0803f
      Antoine Froger authored
      * runner.cpp,
      * scene.cpp,
      * configs.h,
      * main.cpp,
      * mainwindow.cpp,
      * minwindow.h.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Fix little bugs on attributes model. · caa88441
      Antoine Froger authored
      * attributesmodel.h: Create a function to clean the content of the model when no items are selected or a new scene is loaded,
      * xmlwidget.cpp.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Allow the user to print the segmentation. · 18236f19
      Antoine Froger authored
      * scene.cpp: Creation of the function "selectAll" to select all items in the scene,
      * mainwindow.cpp: User can now have a previsualization of the printing and print in a dialog,
      * xmlview.cpp.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Scale the scene on CTRL + wheel or CTRL +/ -. Allow scrolling on right click. · a36968ff
      Antoine Froger authored
      * graphicsview.cpp: Lock the scrolling between a max and a min (the picture is 100% or fit in view).
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Add scene scale, cloth to finish menu bar. · 53379312
      Antoine Froger authored
      * graphicsview.cpp: Add the possibility to scale the scene with the wheel and CTRL + or -. Not completely finished,
      * graphicsview.h,
      * scene.cpp: Correct the selection: she is not visible until there is an item in the scene. It is to avoid the fact that the scene take the selection rect when we select in an empty scene,
      * mainwindow.cpp: Create the menu bar and connect actions. For the most important : add File menu and Areas menu (handle visibility of dock widgets).
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Create the custom graphics view : handle the whelling and CTLR + or - scale of the view. · 9ebbca15
      Antoine Froger authored
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Go back to the previous way for adding tree widget item in the region widget. Add TODO file. · 5fe95d35
      Antoine Froger authored
      * regionwidget.cpp
      * xml.cpp
      * xmlwidget: Try to filter in real-time but do not work.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Test to change the static const array and load wanted data in QSettings but do not work. · 43feab8f
      Antoine Froger authored
      * xml.cpp: Create the function "fillSettings" that store wanted data from the array in settings with group string for hierarchy.
      * regionwidget.cpp: Try to implement the function "createItem" which take a GraphicsRegion and load data from QSettings with it. Do not wok because can t get the string from the enum and casting the enum in int and string do not work in that case.
      * configs.h: Implement functions to get/ set data from groups of settings created in xml.cpp.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Connect region widget with the scene and xml widget. · 9ddc4c8a
      Antoine Froger authored
      * regionwidget.cpp: Add color for region, send signals when check state change.
      * xml.cpp: Add typological lines item separately from the root item to avoid selection segfault when clicking.
      * scene.cpp: Add public slot to hide items which has been unchecked in the region widget.
      * xmlwidget.cpp: Add public slot to hide xml which has been unchecked in the region widget. Not finished : the reg exp do not work well.
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      Completely finished xml widget with : add splitter, correct bugs (when... · bc9310b7
      Antoine Froger authored
      Completely finished xml widget with : add splitter, correct bugs (when deselecting and just have an item with no region item corresponding), real-time property modification with multiple selection. Also tabify dock widget in main window and fixed the corner dock area. Finished region widget interface. TODO : connect the region widget interface with the scene correctly.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Cloth to have finished xml widget multiple selection. Finished pages widget :... · 02c9ee2b
      Antoine Froger authored
      Cloth to have finished xml widget multiple selection. Finished pages widget : when deleting, testing if the widget has the focus. Also reimplement some stuff in the scene : add RootGraphicalItem to prepare the region widget.
      TODO : Finish xml widget multiple selection (problem : can t add prperlythe new selected item without clear selection and add new selection).
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      Finished page widget current row selection. TODO : Clear selection when click... · 0e03c859
      Antoine Froger authored
      Finished page widget current row selection. TODO : Clear selection when click in the scene and all xml tree visible when any graphical item selected.
    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Good page widget advancement : customize model to see in the vieww which... · 0319bef0
      Antoine Froger authored
      Good page widget advancement : customize model to see in the vieww which picture is selected and optimize memory and speed with new custom model.
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    • Antoine Froger's avatar
      Continue xmlWidget. Succeed in the implementation of the model for the tree... · 1ec914f6
      Antoine Froger authored
      Continue xmlWidget. Succeed in the implementation of the model for the tree and the selected tree. Problem with the selection proxy : don t reach childs. Don t have test the attribute widget.
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      Add proper GScribo/xmlitem and /xmlmodel but can t test : problem with... · efec80c2
      Antoine Froger authored
      Add proper GScribo/xmlitem and /xmlmodel but can t test : problem with tesseract linking on personal computer.