Commit 0ac28b1d authored by Edwin Carlinet's avatar Edwin Carlinet
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fixup! Hot fix for building dev on gitlab.

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...@@ -92,8 +92,6 @@ add_subdirectory(tests EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL) ...@@ -92,8 +92,6 @@ add_subdirectory(tests EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
add_subdirectory(bench EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL) add_subdirectory(bench EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
endif() endif()
add_subdirectory(bench EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
add_subdirectory(apps EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL) add_subdirectory(apps EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
add_subdirectory(cli EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL) add_subdirectory(cli EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL)
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