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Add and improve static_cast

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#pragma once
#include <mln/core/concepts/image.hpp>
#include <mln/core/range/foreach.hpp>
#include <mln/morpho/private/hvector_unbounded.hpp>
#include <array>
......@@ -16,8 +15,10 @@ namespace mln::morpho::details
template <typename I, typename N, typename F>
class directional_hqueue
static_assert(is_a_v<I, mln::details::Image>);
using V = image_value_t<I>;
static_assert(is_a_v<I, mln::details::Image>, "I should be an image");
static_assert(is_a_v<N, mln::details::Neighborhood>, "N should be a neighborhood");
using V = image_value_t<I>;
static_assert(std::is_invocable_v<F, V, V>, "F must be invocable with the value of I");
using Key = std::invoke_result_t<F, V, V>;
using Point = image_point_t<I>;
using queue_type = hvectors_unbounded<Point>;
......@@ -42,8 +43,8 @@ namespace mln::morpho::details
bool empty() const noexcept;
static_assert(std::is_integral_v<Key> && std::is_unsigned_v<Key>);
static_assert(sizeof(Key) <= 2);
static_assert(std::is_integral_v<Key> && std::is_unsigned_v<Key>, "Key should be an unsigned integral type");
static_assert(sizeof(Key) <= 2, "Key should have a size of at least 2");
static constexpr std::size_t m_ndir = N::after_offsets().size();
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