Commit 77fc3128 authored by Baptiste Esteban's avatar Baptiste Esteban
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Fix directional hqueue compiled with fsanitize=undefined

parent 9c6fd011
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......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ namespace mln::morpho::details
static_assert(sizeof(Key) <= 2, "Key should have a size of at least 2");
static constexpr std::size_t m_ndir = N::after_offsets().size();
static constexpr std::size_t m_ndir = decltype(N::after_offsets())::extent;
static constexpr std::size_t m_nlevels = 1 << std::numeric_limits<Key>::digits;
std::array<std::shared_ptr<queue_type>, 2> m_queues;
std::size_t m_current_dir;
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