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......@@ -48,14 +48,13 @@ conan remote add lrde-public
1. Install the library with Conan:
conan install pylene/head@lrde/stable -g cmake_paths -g cmake_find_package
conan install pylene/head@lrde/stable -g cmake_find_package
2. Edit your ``CMakeLists.txt`` to include the paths to the library:
find_package(Pylene CONFIG)
3. Links with target ``Pylene::Pylene``:
......@@ -68,13 +68,11 @@ The Pylene library is available on our repository https://artifactory.lrde.epita
Then, see conan's documentation for how to use the package with your favorite build system. The following steps apply to CMake.
3. Use conan with the **cmake_paths** generator to allows CMake to find the Config file provided by the library.
3. Use conan with the **cmake_find_package** generator.
4. In your :file:`CMakeLists.txt`, include the file ``conan_paths.cmake`` and
use **find_package** as usual::
4. In your :file:`CMakeLists.txt`, use **find_package** as usual::
find_package(Pylene CONFIG)
The following targets are then available:
......@@ -125,12 +123,13 @@ Install (for developers)
#. Clone the repository::
git clone
#. Install developer dependencies
#. Install developer dependencies using conan.
* Google Test
* Google Benchmark (by Conan)
* range v3 (by Conan)
* FreeImage
* Google Benchmark
* range v3
* FreeImage (non-managed by conan)
* Boost
* Python with Sphinx, Matplotlib, Numpy (for the documentation)
* Conan
......@@ -138,10 +137,7 @@ Install (for developers)
#. Use *conan* to install the dependencies not provided by your system.
This is advised to use the followings options::
benchmark = True
freeimage = False
gtest = False
boost_program_options = False
benchmark:shared = True
gtest:shared = True
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