Commit c67b8c0b authored by Edwin Carlinet's avatar Edwin Carlinet
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Fix image_expr with new style iterators.

parent c237a5d8
......@@ -150,6 +150,48 @@ namespace mln
namespace internal
template <typename Pixel, typename F>
struct transformed_pixel
typedef typename std::result_of<F(typename Pixel::reference)> reference;
typedef typename std::remove_reference<reference>::type value_type;
typedef typename Pixel::image_type image_type;
typedef typename Pixel::point_type point_type;
typedef typename Pixel::site_type site_type;
transform_pixel(const Pixel& x, F fun)
: x_ (x), fun_ (fun)
auto point() const -> decltype(x_.point())
return x_.point();
auto site() const -> decltype(x_.point())
return x_.point();
reference val() const
return fun_(x_.val());
const Pixel x_;
F fun_;
template <typename Pixel, typename F>
transformed_pixel<Pixel, F>
make_transform_pixel(const Pixel& pix, const F& fun)
return transformed_pixel<Pixel, F>(pix, fun);
template <typename UnaryFunction, typename Image, typename E>
struct unary_image_expr_base : image_expr<E>
......@@ -167,12 +209,15 @@ namespace mln
typedef typename image_const_value_iterator<image_t>::type ConstVit;
typedef typename image_const_pixel_iterator<image_t>::type ConstPixit;
typedef std::bind2nd< make_transform_pixel<typename Pixit::value_type, UnaryFunction> > PixFun;
typedef std::bind2nd< make_transform_pixel<typename ConstPixit::value_type, UnaryFunction> > ConstPixFun;
typedef typename image_t::point_type point_type;
typedef typename image_t::point_type site_type;
typedef typename image_t::domain_type domain_type;
typedef typename std::result_of< UnaryFunction(arg_t) >::type reference;
typedef typename std::result_of< const UnaryFunction(const_arg_t) >::type const_reference;
typedef typename std::result_of< const UnaryFunction(const_arg_t) >::type const_reference;
typedef typename std::decay<reference>::type value_type;
typedef boost::transform_iterator< UnaryFunction, Vit > value_iterator;
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