Commit d6cde417 authored by Baptiste Esteban's avatar Baptiste Esteban
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Make pybind11 a requirement for the user

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......@@ -6,9 +6,10 @@ class PyleneTestConan(ConanFile):
settings = "os", "compiler", "build_type", "arch"
generators = [ "cmake_find_package", "cmake" ]
# Disable python packaging until cmake_find_package generator for pybind11 does not work
requires = ["pybind11/2.6.2"]
def _build_python(self):
return (self.options["pylene"].shared or self.options["pylene"].fPIC or tools.os_info.is_windows) and False
return self.options["pylene"].shared or self.options["pylene"].fPIC or tools.os_info.is_windows
def build(self):
cmake = CMake(self)
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