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Now you know what is micro segmentation. The next step is getting information on its benefits. This will help you understand why it is important in data centers and other IT/ICT platforms. The following are benefits of micro segmentation:





Security administrators depend on micro segmentation to make adaptations to unfolding and new scenarios. Threat topologies in data centers are constantly changing. Old vulnerabilities become inconsequential as new ones are exposed. At the same time, user behavior is a constant variable that surprises any security administrator. Since emerging security scenarios are consistent, administrators are able to extend capabilities through micro segmentation.

For example, a security administrator may start with an effective firewall distributed in the data center. They may then add IPS and stateful firewalling for visibility of deeper traffic. Alternatively, the administrator may develop better server security using agentless anti-malware.

All the same, administrators need all functions to cooperate to have more effective security. For this to happen, micro segmentation ensures sharing of intelligence between security functions is enabled. The end result is a security infrastructure working concertedly to design response to different situations.


Normal data center architecture concentrates security on important workloads. This is usually at the cost of creating minimal security for lower priority systems. Managing and deploying traditional security in virtual networking is costly. The cost forces data center administrators to ration security. Intruders take advantage of the low security in low-priority systems to infiltrate the data center.

To have a sufficient defense level, security administrators are required to rely on a high level of security in every system in a data center. This is made possible through micro segmentation because it embeds security functions into the infrastructure itself. Taking advantage of this allows administrators to depend on security functions for all workloads in the data center.


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