Commit 3f8c9558 authored by Michael Weber's avatar Michael Weber
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Merge branch 'ep/por'

* ep/por:
  Added necessary disabling set
  Consistent naming in guard interface
  Added co-enabled detection for const array index
  Added get_guard_all function
  Added simple guard necessary enabling set matrix
  Added guard expression conflict detection
  Added simple guard co-enabled matrix
  Split independent conjunctive guards
  Export guard matrix
  Export guards
  Added get_active (enabled/disabled/inactive) set
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......@@ -23,6 +23,36 @@ struct ext_transition_t
std::vector<int> sv_write;
struct guard
guard_type type;
struct {
dve_expression_t * guard;
} expr; // expression
struct {
divine::size_int_t gid;
divine::size_int_t lid;
} pc; // programm counter
struct {
divine::size_int_t chan;
divine::sync_mode_t sync_mode;
} chan;
typedef enum {PRED_LT, PRED_LEQ, PRED_EQ, PRED_NEQ, PRED_GT, PRED_GEQ} predicate_relation_t;
struct simple_predicate
std::string variable_name;
predicate_relation_t relation;
int variable_value;
struct dve_compiler: public dve_explicit_system_t
bool ltsmin;
......@@ -192,8 +222,21 @@ struct dve_compiler: public dve_explicit_system_t
void gen_state_struct();
void gen_initial_state();
void gen_state_info();
bool eq_expr(dve_expression_t*, dve_expression_t*);
int add_guard_expr(std::vector<guard> &guard, dve_expression_t* expr);
int add_guard_pc (std::vector<guard> &guard, divine::size_int_t gid, divine::size_int_t lid);
int add_guard_chan(std::vector<guard> &guard, divine::size_int_t chan, divine::sync_mode_t sync_mode);
void fill_transition_vector(std::vector<ext_transition_t>&);
bool split_conjunctive_expression(std::vector<guard>& guard, dve_expression_t* expr);
void merge_dependent_expression(std::vector<guard>& guard, int sv_count);
void gen_transition_info();
bool get_const_varname( dve_expression_t & expr, string & var);
bool get_const_expression( dve_expression_t & expr, int & value);
bool is_guard_nes( guard& g, ext_transition_t& t );
bool is_guard_nds( guard& g, ext_transition_t& t );
bool may_be_coenabled( guard& ga, guard& gb);
void extract_predicates( std::vector<simple_predicate>& p, dve_expression_t& e);
bool is_conflict_predicate(simple_predicate& p1, simple_predicate p2);
void print_generator();
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