Commit 4cd65ff9 authored by Elwin Pater's avatar Elwin Pater Committed by Michael Weber
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Changed bool to int in exported functions

parent ede72e15
......@@ -1934,7 +1934,7 @@ void dve_compiler::gen_transition_info()
// write get_active
line( "extern \"C\" bool get_active( state_struct_t *in, int t ) " );
line( "extern \"C\" int get_active( state_struct_t *in, int t ) " );
......@@ -2066,7 +2066,7 @@ void dve_compiler::gen_transition_info()
// export the guard value for this state
line ("extern \"C\" const bool get_guard(void* model, int g, state_struct_t* src) " );
line ("extern \"C\" int get_guard(void* model, int g, state_struct_t* src) " );
line ("(void)model;");
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