Commit 7fd3cc89 authored by Alfons Laarman's avatar Alfons Laarman

Complete NDA with null pointer

parent efa251c9
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -236,11 +236,21 @@ struct dve_compiler: public dve_explicit_system_t
bool get_const_expression( dve_expression_t & expr, int & value);
bool is_guard_nes( guard& g, ext_transition_t& t );
bool is_guard_nds( guard& g, ext_transition_t& t );
bool dve_compiler::is_dna( ext_transition_t& t1, ext_transition_t& t2);
bool is_dna(std::vector<ext_transition_t>& transitions,
std::vector< std::vector<bool> >& transition_coenabled,
std::vector< std::vector<bool> >& transition_nds,
std::vector< std::vector<bool> >& deps,
int t1, int t2);
bool may_be_coenabled( guard& ga, guard& gb);
void extract_predicates( std::vector<simple_predicate>& p, dve_expression_t& e);
bool is_conflict_predicate(simple_predicate& p1, simple_predicate p2);
bool get_assignment ( dve_expression_t & expr,
std::vector<simple_predicate>& p,
std::vector<bool>& deps);
bool extract_assigns ( ext_transition_t *et, std::vector<simple_predicate>& p,
std::vector<bool>& deps );
bool dependent ( std::vector<int>& a, std::vector<bool>& b );
bool commutes ( simple_predicate& a, simple_predicate& b );
void print_generator();
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