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## Performances
You can replay the benchmark presented in the paper by simply running
You can run the benchmark associated to this tool by running
make benchmark
Nonetheless, even with 8 threads and 200Go of RAM this benchmakr
will take at least multiple day. Consequently You can run the benchmark
on small problems by running
make demo
Note that some part of this benchmark requires a lot of memory and can
then fail on your machine.
## LTLrec
A tool named `ltlrec` is provided when running `make`. This tool
implements the LTLrec sugaring detailled in the paper. For now,
implements the LTLrec sugaring useful for handling recursion. For now,
this tool is external so that it can easily be used by other tools.
We plan to integrate this tool directly to Go2Pins.
As a consequence, the equivalences must be specified by hand though
a JSON file. For instance:
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