Commit 9df49f78 authored by Hugo Moreau's avatar Hugo Moreau Committed by Etienne Renault
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Checktype: Multidimensional arrays trigger panic

Multidimensional arrays are not treated yet, so a panic is triggered if
go2pins encounters one.

 * transform/checktype.go : Here.
parent 51040e31
......@@ -91,6 +91,11 @@ func (t *TypeChecker) Pre(meta *Meta, v *Visitor) bool {
if node.Name == "panic" {
panic("Panics are not supported.")
case *ast.IndexExpr:
switch node.X.(type) {
case *ast.IndexExpr:
panic("Multidimensional arrays are not supported")
case *ast.InterfaceType:
panic("Interfaces are not supported.")
case *ast.MapType:
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