1. 21 May, 2021 3 commits
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      Dependencies: GoFmt · 56db3f61
      Hugo Moreau authored
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      Dependencies: Documented code · 36c0b179
      Hugo Moreau authored
      For a better understanding all functions and structs have been
       * transform/dependencies.go : Modified.
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      Transform: Dependencies transform created · efa6106d
      Hugo Moreau authored
      A new transform has been created, its goal is to collect informations
      about all statements dependencies in order to use it to decide which
      statements can be ignored.
      The `Dependencies` transform for now collect all this informations:
       - Global Variables
       - Variables interdependencies
       - Function details (Parameters, Variables used, Number of statements)
      Two debug functions have been added for a better understanding, the
      first one prints all informations. The second output a GraphViz graph,
      so we can visualize `variables` interdependencies and their respectives
       * main.go : Modified.
         transform/dependencies.go : Here.
  2. 05 May, 2021 4 commits
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      Config: Indenting config.json file · 72aecc7b
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      `config.json` is now indented for a better reading.
       * tools/config.go : Modified.
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      Boilerplate: Handling config.json file · 59e699fa
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      It is now possible to load a config file in order to do two things :
       - Display all saved formulae.
       - Pick a formula using the index (/!\ Be careful, the `-ltl` flag will
         be overwriten, a warning is displayed for the user.)
       * boilerplate/config/config.go : New file.
         main.go : Modified.
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      Config file: new tool generating config · 134e7fc9
      Hugo Moreau authored
      In order to have a simplier tool, we now generate a config file in order
      to re-use formulae.
       * main.go,
         tools/config.go : Modified.
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      Formula tools: typo in function name · f2828baa
      Hugo Moreau authored
      `Formuala` function renamed to `Formula` function.
       * main.go,
         tools/formulae.go : Modified.
  3. 20 Apr, 2021 33 commits