Commit 278b8f74 authored by Alexandre Duret-Lutz's avatar Alexandre Duret-Lutz

fix owl installation

parent abd362e5
Pipeline #9633 passed with stage
in 12 minutes and 15 seconds
......@@ -114,5 +114,5 @@ unzip owl-$ -d /usr/local/share/
rm -f owl-$
for i in delag dra2dpa fltl2dgmra ltl2da ltl2dgra \
ltl2dpa ltl2dra nba2dpa nba2ldba owl owk-server synth; do
ln -s /usr/local/share/own-$V/bin/$i /usr/local/bin/
ln -s /usr/local/share/owl-$V/bin/$i /usr/local/bin/
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